Passionfruit Organics

Dear Customers,

Sadly, due to personal and financial reasons, Passionfruit Organics has
had to close.

For those of you who live in Gisborne, Sunbury and between Sunbury and the 
city, my supplier who I have been purchasing fruit and veg from 
throughout 2016, is happy to continue delivering to you.  Rob's prices are
similar to what mine were, probably a bit cheaper and he is happy to put you
on his VIP price list which gives you an extra 5% discount.

Rob's business is called Holy Organic and his website is

You will need to register your details on his site and make sure to let
him know I sent you so you qualify for the extra 5% discount.  He doesn't
have the same sized seasonal boxes set up on his site yet but just let him
know what you are wanting and whether you want it weekly or fortnightly
and he will happily organise it for you. You can also order individual
items from him as well.

It was a joy being able to provide you with fresh, healthy, organic fruit
and veg.  Thank you for all of your support.

Take care